Jordan Peterson's biohack

Our best days are ahead of us.

I was recently watching a conversation that took place on Swedish TV three years ago with Jordan Peterson as a guest (I enjoy watching his lectures). Near the end of the conversation, I was stunned to hear his daughter’s story who was suffering from a very serious autoimmune disease called “Idiopathic Arthritis“ which made her life absolutely miserable.

He himself also had many of her symptoms, but not all of them. Like most autoimmune diseases this was untreatable, which meant they both had to live with it. But what was interesting was that Peterson and his daughter experimented with their diet for a long time until they realized that if she eats nothing but meat, all her symptoms disappear! Since he was suffering from pretty much the same symptoms, he started experimenting with the same diet (extremely restricted) until he happily discovered that it works great for him too.

That was a great example of someone who understood that the foods they eat are seriously affecting their health (like everyone), who tried a lot of experiments and found a solution. That makes total sense since nowadays everybody knows that food impacts us in totally different and unique ways. And it is crucial for us to understand what foods are great for our body so we can keep living healthy and happy. And in a sense, Peterson and his daughter biohacked themselves although they might not call it this way.

This is not to say (by no means!) that we should ignore science and try our own experiments. Science is the way for everyone to live a meaningful life full of growth and personal fulfillment. But today’s consumers have so many tools at their disposal, plus access to abundant information through the Internet, that they can complement the guidance they get from doctors and other scientists, with the insights they can get about the unique response of their bodies to lifestyle - food, sleep, exercise and much more.

And so, I truly believe that our best days are ahead of us. I’ll drink to that!

The video with Jordan Peterson, starting from the moment he tells this story.